You will need
  • - cucumber seeds;
  • - plastic cups;
  • - potassium permanganate;
  • - covering material;
  • - fertilizer.
When selecting a location for planting cucumbers keep in mind that they are very responsive to soil fertility, heat and light. Cucumber is one of the most heat-loving vegetables grown in the open ground. Optimum temperature is 18-26 degrees. At temperatures below 10 degrees the plant drastically slows its growth, root collar ill and the plant dies.
Recommended to plant cucumbers in the drained and highly fertile soils with low nitrogen content. Too acidic soil izvestuya. The best precursors are tomato, potato, onion, peas and cabbage. In the fall make digging under fresh manure (one bucket per square meter). However, the manure can be replaced with superphosphate or ash. In the spring the soil again carefully dig and loosen.
In the spring, approximately one to two months before planting cucumbers in the open ground, should sow the seeds for seedlings. Pre-wrap the seeds in several layers of cheesecloth and dampen with warm water, leave for a few days before emergence. Do not forget to periodically pour warm water. Then plant the seeds (two seeds per container) in small pots or plastic cups, pour and put in a warm place.
Since cucumbers do not tolerate transplanting, plant them in open ground with a ball of soil (after the soil warms up). Bed should be high, to rise 15-20 cm above ground level. Pour a warm solution of potassium permanganate pale pink color and cover the top with foil to warm. From strong winds and make a small shaft.
Ensure cucumbers are abundant waterings, especially in the period of active growth and the formation of ovaries. Even a slight drying of the soil can lead to the formation of bitterness in cucumbers, which will be impossible to bring any waterings. Water the plants warm and water supernatant, the cold can lead to the suppression of growth and the occurrence of rot.
Multiroute the soil, it will greatly speed up the appearance of the fruit and increase the yield of cucumbers. In addition to organic mulch, use a more modern covering materials that have the ability to pass infrared radiation to retain moisture in the soil and suppress weed growth.