Two days before departure, put in front of him all the clothes and shoes you want to take. Try to make the best pair combinations. There are certainly items that will not be nothing be combined. You can leave them at home.
All the heavy and bulky things such as sneakers, jacket — wear for themselves. In the suitcase leave only light things.
Items stacked flat stacks, so more of them fit. Crease clothing place on top. In the center of the suitcase, place fragile, breakable items. There they will be safe and sound.
Shoes lay on plastic bags. Even if it is dirty, the rest of the stuff won't get dirty. By the way, instead of packages, you can use a shower cap. You can rent them from the hotel when you return back.
All the little things put last. When the suitcase is already full, there will still be nooks and places where it will be possible to push small objects.
Jewelry put in a separate box. For this purpose, fit a small cosmetic bag.
Mark somehow your suitcase — tie to the handle of the ribbon or stick a sticker. So it will be much easier to find him at the airport on the baggage belt among other bags.