The speed of bone healing is influenced by the following factors: the site of fracture, complete, and timely alignment of bone fragments, the patient's age, overall health, and comorbidities. The healing process slows down with beriberi, and hypovitaminosis, hyperfunction of the adrenal glands, chronic diseases, long-term "Heparin", "Dikumarina", frequent use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Aspirin.
The merging of the bone is accelerated due to the application of adequate medical treatment. To activate the cells of cartilage tissue in the formation of primary callus used medicinal preparations containing chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine (eg, "Chondroitin", "teraflex"). They improve the nutrition of bone tissue, stimulate growth of cartilage, regulate mineral density of the formed bone tissue, which leads to an increase in the speed of its accretion.
Fractures commonly used drugs calcium. These include: monopreparations containing only calcium salts, multivitamins with calcium salts, combination of drugs, which, except calcium salts, includes some vitamins and minerals. Absolute contraindications to the prescribing of calcium for fractures are: the increase in the content of calcium in the blood (hypercalcemia), hypersensitivity to the components.
In the presence of contraindications administered monopreparations of vitamin D (for example, "ease of use") or funds with a metabolite of vitamin D - the "Fish oil". Chronic administration of a multivitamin or combined drugs should regularly monitor the level of minerals in the urine and blood. To accelerate the regenerative processes in the bone tissue, use of anabolic hormones ("Retabolil", "Methandrostenolone"), "aloe Vera". To reduce swelling of tissues and blood circulation, use external tools: "Troxevasin", "Heparin ointment", etc.
When violations of the integrity of soft tissues and bones justified the appointment of drugs-immunomodulators. They provide effective help to the immune system of the patient. Immunomodulators are often filled with open fractures, as there is an increased risk of wound infection. These drugs are vital after surgical operations about the installation of implants. Generally, these objectives apply "Timalin", "Levamisole", "Pirogenal".