Heart ultrasound: indications for

Transcript of ultrasound examination of the heart (ultrasound) helps to detect diseases of the myocardium on early stage of development and confirm the presumptive diagnosis, identify any existing complications, to evaluate the results of treatment. This method of diagnosis is the most accurate method to assess the condition of the heart and its structures. The main indications for ultrasound of the heart are: heart palpitations, shortness of breath, heart pain, increase in blood pressure, swelling. This study is also prescribed for listening to heart murmurs, suspected cardiovascular disease, cardiac tumors, disease identified by ECG, after undergoing heart surgery, heart attacks.

Heart ultrasound in early pregnancy helps to find out the viability of the embryo, and after the sixth week helps to determine the heart rate of the fetus. Transcript of ultrasound myocardial need to assess contractility and determine its resistance to higher loads. With the help of ultrasound of the heart, you can find the volume of the cavity of the myocardium, muscle mass, wall thickness, scarring, blood clots, frequency of heart beats.

Normal levels ultrasound of the heart

Each conclusion of ultrasonography of myocardium provides data on the following indicators. The mass of the left ventricle in males should be 135-182 grams, women - 95-141 grams. Mass index of the left ventricle is normal in men 71-94 g/m2 in women - 71-89 g/m2. Normal end-diastolic volume of the left ventricle in men is 112±27 (65-193) milliliters, women 89±20 (59-136) milliliters. The left ventricle end-diastolic size of the rate should be 4.6 to 5.7 inches, and the normal end systolic size is 3.1-4.3 inch, wall thickness in diastole should be 1.1 cm.

The ejection fraction (normal is 55 to 60 percent and the volume of blood ejected in one contraction of the left ventricle (stroke volume) - 60-100 milliliters. In the absence of pathologies the size of the right ventricle should be as follows: wall thickness of 3-5 mm, the index size is 0.75 to 1.25, diastolic size of 0.95-2.05 inches. Interventricular septum in the norm should be that its thickness at rest is 0.75-1.1 inches, moving from side to side in the cuts (tour) - 0,5-0,95 inches.

To determine the state of the right atrium to find out only the value of the BWW - volume at rest, its norm is the value 110-145 ml. Normal parameters of the left atrium is the size is 1.85-3.3 inches, the index size needs to be 1.45 and 2.9. Deviations from these indicators reveal any pathological conditions, functional disorders of the heart.