You will need
  • - the device for definition of concealed wiring;
  • - radio receiver running on the clean about 100 kHz.
Use one of the devices to detect hidden wiring. Probe MS-58 allows you to not only search, wires and other metal objects in the walls. Copper, steel, aluminum products are easy to detect with this probe. The exception is located in the walls of metallic objects shielded, for example, foil. Detection depth depends on the mass, type and size of material.
Solve the problem of the detection of concealed wiring using the indicator E121 ("Woodpecker"). With it, you can also define breaks in the energized wires. This reliable domestic appliance used by professional electricians. Search hidden wiring located at a depth of 5-7 cm, for "Woodpecker" is not a problem.
The indicator "Woodpecker" ready to work
A cheaper analogue of the Russian "Woodpecker" is a Chinese signaller flush MS. This instrument is sensitive to all metal objects. When you work with him you have to be accustomed to distinguish the signals from the hidden wiring, for example, from the screw. Device brand MS electricians acquire novice or Amateur electricians.
Defining hidden wiring device MS-158М
Search of the hidden wiring in the walls of various building structures device POSP-1. It will warn you about the presence in switchboards, cabinets, etc. of an alternating electric field. To detect hidden wiring can brands voltage tester GVT-92, GVD-503, GVD-504A. Track buried wires, breaks in wires identifies the contactless device VP-440.
As you can see, the market offers a sufficient variety of instruments to detect hidden wiring. However, the price of professional devices hitting the pocket. So you can apply antiquated method. Take an old radio, turn on and walk with him along the wall. Amplification of specific noise and crackles will give the location of the hidden wiring
Locate the hidden wiring in the rough walls of her flight. Otderite old Wallpaper and you will understand a wiring route. And remember that electrical wiring is mounted exclusively in two directions – horizontally and vertically. A successful search!