Baths and ointment phimosis

Treatment of phimosis at home includes the use of decoctions of medicinal herbs for bathing the child and corticosteroid ointments.

From early childhood the child should bathe every day, washing away the water accumulated under the foreskin secret. This is to prevent the development of infection and facilitate the opening of the glans penis. Use baby soap for washing up of the scrotum can speed up this process.

The boys are older to combat phimosis at home doing three times a week a bath with a decoction of chamomile, Linden, Bur marigold and other antibacterial herbs. After the child was rosarinos, hands gently push the foreskin from the head. After this procedure, lubricate the penis with a sterile liquid paraffin. Pull back the foreskin carefully, as there is a risk of overstrain.

Corticosteroid ointment increase the amount of elastic fibers in the connective tissue. These ointments are effective only when used after stretching of the foreskin. Apply the ointment 2 times a day. The most common among them are: "Prednisolone", "Hydrocortisone", "Betamethasone".

Before application of the ointment should be washed prepuce infusion or series of weak solution of potassium permanganate. Lubricate the glans penis and foreskin. Treatment continued for 2 months. Corticosteroids increase the elasticity of the foreskin and facilitate the process of opening the penis head. In this way, treat phimosis mainly in children 3 years of age.

The mechanical effect

Stretch soienoe prepucialna ring at home by hand, and in a medical facility - special tools. It is necessary to enter in prepucialna ring index fingers and gently pull in opposite directions. This procedure is quite painful, so stretch the foreskin to be very careful. Before mechanical effects is necessary to conduct hygienic procedures, as there is a risk of infection. Prevention of complications is the use of baths with herbal infusions.
Mechanical stretching of the foreskin is mainly used for the treatment of phimosis in adolescents.

Phimosis – a disease that can be cured at home in children up to 7 years if proper hygienic procedures by using elementary manipulations. If phimosis persists, consult a surgeon who will solve the problem surgically.