RH factor

RH factor is a parameter of the blood of the person who actually represents the presence or absence in his blood a special component - antigen D. if the blood of a particular individual has such antigen, to say that he has a positive RH factor or rhesus positive just. Otherwise, about him saying he has a negative RH factor. Thus, there is only two main variants of the RH factor: intermediate values in this sense can not be.

Negative RH factor is not a pathology: in such a situation people can live a normal life and be perfectly healthy. However, the negative RH factor is much less widespread in comparison with positive. According to doctors, about 15% of all people living currently on Earth, have a negative RH factor; consequently, the remaining 85% have RH positive.

The formation of the RH factor

RH factor is a characteristic that is passed from parents to children through inheritance. Thus, it is an innate characteristic of a person and can not change throughout life. In this regard, it is important to know your RH factor along with the blood type: it can be useful in emergency situations that threaten life, for example, when you want an urgent blood transfusion. One day remembering this information, you will not have to worry about that it can become irrelevant.

If both the father and the mother of the child have a positive RH factor, in most cases, the child will also be RH positive. A similar situation is associated with negative RH factor of both parents. The most complicated case, doctors believe a situation where the child's parents have different RH factors: e.g. mother, he is a positive and dad is negative.

The main difficulty in this situation stems from the possibility that the occurrence of so-called rhesus-conflict in which the RH factor of the child in the womb different from her own RH factor. This can cause various complications during pregnancy including the threat of interruption. Therefore, prospective parents who expect the child, it is helpful to determine the compatibility of their rhesus factors. And if they seem various, you should carefully monitor the pregnancy and to carefully follow the doctor's orders: this will allow you to overcome the situation without much difficulty.