It should be noted that for men-Scorpions almost impossible to find stones that can cause any noticeable negative impact, from virtually any mineral man is a Scorpion can "pull" something useful.
One of the ideal minerals for this zodiac sign — hematite. This is an unusual iron ore reddish or black color that has a very distinctive metallic sheen. The second name of this mineral Bloodstone. This is a very strong stone which can only obey the man-Scorpion. It makes its owner more attractive in the eyes of women, reinforces his passion and sexuality, puts the veneer.
Bloodstone can protect the Scorpion from nasty viral infections, improves the immune system, adds energy and strength. It is best to send hematite in silver or white gold, this greatly enhances its properties. Scorpio is the only zodiac sign who can wear hematite on a daily basis.
Tourmaline is another good stone for Scorpions-men. This stone can be almost any color, no wonder its name translates as "colored." This stone strengthens family relationships and improves the ability of men to bear children, helps to remain faithful to the woman he loves. Tourmaline — the stone family, the constant carrying of attracting the right women.
Black opal is a powerful stone that is often used in rituals, psychics and magicians. This mineral develops intuition of its owner, helps to understand other people. The amulet of this stone develops leadership skills, helps to manage people. Black opal is a very dangerous stone jewelry should not be combined with other stones, because the effect can be unpredictable.
Alexandrite protects Scorpios, especially men. This stone can warn its owner of impending dangers and diseases. It enhances the ability of clairvoyance, helps its owner find it easier to read in people's souls. The amulets of alexandrite needed men-Scorpions who are constantly working with people, especially psychologists and psychotherapists.
Scorpios should not wear stones in light shades, they will not bring them any benefit. This is primarily related to pink pearl, jade, chrysolite, and moonstone.