In most cases in children over five years of age and adult rotavirus infection passes within several days on their own. Most importantly – drink plenty of liquids, because the body loses a lot of fluid with vomiting and diarrhea. While its replenishment is difficult due to the fact that the bowel is damaged by the rotavirus, can not absorb water as good as before the illness. Remember that dehydration is the main threat to the health and life of the patient rotavirus infection.
In children under five years of age rotavirus is developing more rapidly than in adults. So at the first sign of intestinal infection call your doctor. In babies dehydration is life-threatening, can develop in just four or five hours. Before the arrival of the specialist, encourage your child to drink. Buy at the pharmacy rehydrate solution and give it to the baby every 10-15 minutes for a tea spoon, so as not to cause a new attack of vomiting. If the doctor will insist on hospitalization, do not give up. This means that only excessive drinking child will not help. In the hospital, to replenish the loss of fluid in the body, it will enter the solution intravenously.
Keep in mind that antibiotics have no effect on rotavirus, and drugs that reduce diarrhea and vomiting to give to such patients is impossible. Otherwise, the recovery may be delayed for the reason that waste products of the rotavirus will not be removed from the body.