You will need
  • polymers;
  • abrazivnaya sponge;
  • the ultraviolet lamp;
  • glue
If the crack is small, you can remove it with glue. For this you need to pour the material into the damage, until the edges razed. Then the injury dry under a special UV lamp. And after carefully Polish the place the appearance of a crack. As a result, she disappears almost without a trace. To detect the traces of repair may be the only one who knows that the car has performed any manipulation.
In garages-repair shallow spalls and cracks with the aid of special photopolymer. They treated the resulting cavity, then dried certain devices, intended for work with such materials and the crack ceases to be noticeable. The key to success for complete removal of cracks is to clean the surface. If scratchesand any other damage will clog the dirt and dust, even after most jewellery finishes the repair will still be visible.
How to clean <b>crack</b> head <strong>glass</strong>
To stop crack propagation and prevent its expansion in different directions, you need to carefully define its boundaries, and then along the edges to make drilling. Then pumped a repair material, after crystallization, which make the polishing of glass.
Suggest to remove the chips to a depth of 2-3 cm and cracks in length more than 30 see All the other damage, according to experts, irrevocably ruining the windshield. And those large scratches, even after their termination are more likely to disperse new rays. Therefore, in case your glass is quite badly damaged, it is better to replace the whole thing. Besides, repair of large cracks, very seriously affects the physical quality of the windshield is the reduced visibility, and reduced reflectivity of the surface. And have such consequences, in turn, lead to the fact that you will not be able to drive safely and the risk of incurring in big trouble.
How to clean <b>crack</b> head <strong>glass</strong>