Immediately seal the formed crack with tape so in the cavity of the crack or chip is not exposed to dust or moisture.
Go to the automotive market or specialty shop.

Buy a set to work with the cracks, it consists of transparent glue, a drill with a diamond tip and a set of plates.
Drill with a drill with a diamond tip small holes before reaching the edge of the glass, at a distance of about two millimeters from the crack.

Bring the crack up to the holes with light taps on the glass, do not worry, the more holes she will not go.
Treat the "stars", which went crack.

Ridge ream them so as not to leave any crumbs from the windshield.
Apply a thin layer of special glue and the "stars" and cracks until the very end.
Attach the plate that was set on top of all the injury.
Start the drying process using a UV lamp. Please note that it is not necessary to dry the adhesive under the sun, since it dries evenly and not will be more noticeable than in the case of drying lamp.
When the glue is dry, the excess can be cut with an ordinary blade, then buff with a special composition glass and will last you for a long time. But please note that now you need to drive carefully, because when driving fast on the road may block the formation of new cracks. Therefore, some time should refrain from high speeds and sudden braking.