You will need
  • Bike
  • Special case or bag
  • Cloth for wiping wheels
  • Peace and only peace
The passage of the subway. Before entering the "undo" front wheel, hang the bike on the shoulder or take it in hand. Passing through the turnstile, you'll have to buy a ticket not only for themselves, but also on the vehicle, temporarily became the Luggage. So read the rules of the underground. But in reality, you can not take a ticket on the bike, this one will not be fined. The main thing is not to roll it, and carry in their hands. By the way, bike must be clean to avoid staining of passengers.
The passage of the train. If the bike is collapsible, then the problem should not even arise. Fold it, pack in the carrying case. In accordance with the rules of the Railways any person is allowed to carry hand Luggage on your ticket. Mandatory condition — the cover must be clean. If the bike does not understand, it will have to issue as additional baggage and placed in a special baggage car. The procedure will take some time and will cost you an additional fee.
The passage of the car. During road trips bike, if he is whole, can be attached to the trunk of special fasteners. Collapsible vehicle quite fits in the trunk.
For transportation of the bikeand the plane will need to pass it in the Luggage compartment. But with Luggage in the airport, especially not stand on ceremony, so the best solution is to disassemble it completely. Before the cogs and pedals. Put all the details into a convenient bag, because the special case is pretty flimsy and can not withstand the flight.
Rules of transportation the Bicycleand the tram, trolley bus and bus are not regulated. It all depends on the fullness of the cabin and the kindness of the conductor. Some controllers strictly not allowed as part of the transport with a Bicycleohms, and some even do not charge additional charges for baggage. Remember that each can agree on-men, the main act politely and quietly.