One of the drawbacks of quick and low-calorie ways of losing weight – the risk that the dropped weight will return as soon as the diet ends. For example, if people stuck to drinking diet, and after its completion began to feed properly, he can begin to gain weight even without eating high-calorie and fatty foods. Just such people have a disturbed function of the stomach, hence the described problem.
For those who were drinking diet, when you exit it there is the following rule: to return to a normal diet gradually. The scheme is 1 week diet, 14 days out of it. Even if the person did not last the due course, then immediately lean on a normal diet is not recommended. It is necessary to abandon krupnoblochnyh and too harsh products. The stomach is difficult to digest such food.
After drinking diet for the first days it is recommended to add in the menu the following products: soups without spices and salt, dairy products with low fat content, chicken cutlets, steamed, juices from vegetables and fruits. If the menu includes fruits and vegetables, they should not be very sour, and the fruit is not hard. You should refrain from products with a high content of starch. Apples, carrots, pears, and other hard foods can be eaten only in grated form.
Complex carbohydrates, such as grains and cereals should not be eaten, at least at first. Such food is hard to digest the stomach, and he is not ready for such a load. Consumption of chips, fried nuts, fast foods, mayonnaise and other fatty sauces as well as flour and bread products should be avoided. If you really want a sweet, natural honey is allowed, but in small quantities.
At each reception of food it is recommended to carefully chew your food, don't rush it. First, this approach will facilitate the work of the digestive system, and secondly, to eat get fewer products. The best option after drinking diet – smaller meals. Need to make 5-6 meals. Portions should be small in volume. So the body faster to restore digestive function. And problems such as overeating and weight gain should not happen. When you quit the diet it is impossible to abandon the use of the liquid. You need a lot to drink at least 1.5 liters of clean water without gas. Also welcome drinking green tea, but not sweet.