That juice is healthy and what is dangerous?

As you know, fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins which is very useful for weight loss. Received less products during the diet, the body lacks the necessary nutrients, including vitamins. In vegetables and fruits contains fiber, which promotes intestinal peristalsis, which helps to improve digestion. It also has a positive effect on reducing weight. Juices these substances are well preserved, contains much more fiber in the juice. The only danger that is in the juice, losing weight people is natural fruit sugar (carbohydrates).

Store-bought or fresh squeezed?

Fresh juice is much healthier and safer than, it's obvious, especially if the man himself is his and squeezes fruits and vegetables grown on their own land. In the juices of industrial production adds a large number of different additives are not useful. Dyes - to improve appearance. Preservatives to increase the shelf life of the product. Acidity regulators, thickeners and so on. Preservative is the sugar that juices are added in large quantities. In one glass of juice contains purchased a few tablespoons of sugar is a lot, especially for people who are watching the calorie content of foods.

Juice is useful for weight loss?

Natural juices also contain a lot of sugar. For example, in a liter of a simple Apple juice contains about 900 calories. Those who think the calories eaten in a day, you'll understand how a lot. For comparison, the average daily rate of calories is about 2000, it is easy to calculate that 1 liter of Apple juice is half.

Which juice to choose, so as not to harm the figure?

About fresh juice is all clear. If you choose from fruits and vegetables healthier than vegetable juices because they contain less natural sugars than fruit juices. Another recommendation for consumption of the juice and dilute it 1:1 with mineral water, so the juice will be less to stimulate appetite and to reduce the concentration of sugar.

Tomato juice

Many people think tomato juice help in losing weight. As it includes a large number of useful substances, in addition, it contains organic acids that promote the breakdown of fats.

So don't completely limit myself in juice, the main thing - to choose the right and not to get involved!