You will need
  • moisturizers;
  • - cream from scars;
  • - body scrub.
Causes of stretch marks somewhat, but they are all related to the fact that the skin is not elastic enough and is subjected to damage. Stretch marks look like stripes of different size and depth. Just appeared stretch marks reddish-purple color, which they acquire due to damaged blood vessels, and later the cells in this place die and become white stretch marks. Some people are very in-depth and felt tactilely, others only noticeable visually. Skin on stretch marks is not updated and does not change, so when you tan they are visible particularly well.
Stretch marks appear when the skin is some kind of load. This can be a sharp change in weight, including pregnancy, active physical activity, hormonal disorders. In any case, the skin not enough elasticity to stand it and it broke.
The best is to prevent the appearance of stretch marks because they are hard to break. Therefore, the skin should always be hydrated, both inside and outside. During potential scenarios for the occurrence of stretch marks (pregnancy, rapid weight loss, etc.) to care for themselves need to be much better to use special oils and creams to prevent and also drink plenty of water.
If you notice stretch marks, it is better to treat them in the beginning, when they are reddish in color. During this period, the skin there had not yet mertveci, so to regenerate cells and speed up their reproduction is quite simple. You need to use scrubs, especially to pay attention to the places where stretch marks are present. Particles helps remove dead cells, smooths the skin. It is only necessary to consider that the scrub should be soft, without any large droplets, otherwise the skin can hurt and worsen her condition. You can make it at home using ground coffee, sugar, salt, crushed cereals. After washing should be applied to stretch marks anti scars - these creams are much more effective than conventional beauty.
It is understood that the process of removing stretch marks long enough, and besides the external effects it is necessary to revise your diet. The basis should enter the products that can increase skin elasticity, and vitamins A and E and plenty of fluids. If the cause of stretch marks is a hormonal imbalance is not treated. And of course, more to moisten all the skin.
If the stretch marks have acquired a white color, that is already emerged long enough to deal with them very difficult. Best helps the effects of laser and other devices in special institutions. At home, you can improve their condition, to make them less visible, but is unlikely to get rid of them completely. In addition to scrubs, creams can make a variety of wraps to apply to the skin a mixture of clay, a few drops of essential oils (do not overdo it with them, otherwise you can burn everything), vitamins and wrap these places film. Paraffin is also good job on smoothing the body and improve its appearance. Badyaga, Shilajit and many other tools, if used consistently, will help significantly reduce the size of stretch marks.