You will need
  • - olive or almond oil;
  • - honey, cocoa butter, grapefruit or orange essential oil.
Improve the elasticity of the skin by changing diet. Liquids entering the body should be sufficient to prevent dehydration of the tissues, loss of skin elasticity. Eat lots of greens, fish, seafood, nuts, vegetables, fill with vegetable oil and fruits to eat raw and in large quantity.
To soften the skin to prepare the tissue to the upgrade, you should lubricate the problem areas with olive, almond oil or composition of wheat germ. Adding essential oils in the basic composition will increase the effect of the procedure.
Massage rubbing and conduct anti-cellulite treatments warm up the tissue and contribute to the fact that stretch marks will be less noticeable. Hard peel, honey and cupping massage are all ways of influencing "an orange" crust will do.
Warming compresses or wraps help to saturate the skin with collagen and return elasticity – mix honey, cocoa butter, grapefruit or orange essential oil and apply on stretch marks.
Go through the process of deep exfoliation. Home methods are ineffective in the fight against chronic stretch marks, they perform only a preparatory function, softening tissues and making them more susceptible to salon procedures. Laser peel is considered the most effective – white marks disappear, along with postoperative redness after a few months.
Sign up for a course of injections. Mesotherapy is usually preceded by a deep peeling is performed or after it – the introduction under the skin of preparations containing collagen, vitamins and amino acids allow you to change the chemical composition of the surface layers of the epidermis.
In order to get rid of old stretch marks permanently, you will need the assistance of plastic surgeons – only by removing strips of skin to remove white marks. Surgery is performed under anesthesia and can have unpleasant consequences and long rehabilitation period. Because of the potential complications to this method of eliminating stretch marks is resorted to only in very advanced cases.