As a rule, the appearance of stretch marks promotes a genetic predisposition. Therefore, if someone of your relatives suffered from stretch marks, it is necessary to remember simple rules. Follow the diet: eat less sweet, include in the diet are proteins, foods rich in fatty acids. Carefully watch your weight, a sharp jump can cause the appearance of stretch marks. During pregnancy, wear a bandage, apply to the skin of the abdomen, chest, hips, thighs special moisturizer.
Treatment of stretch marks is depending on fresh or old they are. In the first case, the elimination process easier. Although completely remove them is almost impossible.
When fresh stretch marks on the abdomen helps the peeling. It exfoliates the top layer of skin, causing it to be updated to produce collagen. While deep peeling promotes a more rapid updating. Laser peel helps to get rid of stretch marks, making them almost invisible. However, in contrast to mechanical exfoliation, the procedure is costly and requires special training: two months before the start of the operation it is necessary to apply a nourishing cream containing vitamin C.
Mesotherapy is another way of getting rid of stretch marks. It is an injection under the skin a special blend of collagen, enzymes, plant extracts and vitamins. The composition usually is selected individually depending on zastarelosti and number of stretch marks. Usually performed 7-10 procedures.
To get rid of small stretch marks on stomach you can use various creams, gels, sprays, and wraps. They contain in their composition of collagen, elastin, vitamins b and C, extracts from algae and herbs. The systematic use of cosmetic products contributes to the fact that the skin becomes moist and elastic, stretch marks are reduced and pale.
The most drastic method of getting rid of stretch marks is surgery. It is used for older stretch marks when other methods can't help. It consists in removing parts of the skin that are damaged by stretch marks, and transplant the new "patches".