Causes of red rash

Experts identify several reasons why around the eyes may form small pimples. The main cause is often an allergic reaction. Allergies can occur on plants, cosmetics, medicines. In addition, red rash around the eyes can appear after injury of a mechanical nature. Some people suffer from endocrine disorders, a result which can also be a rash on the face.

Red rash near eyes: treatments

If a red rash, treatment should begin with a visit to a dermatologist. First and foremost, the doctor will determine the cause of the rash to prescribe the correct treatment. If the disease is fungal in nature, depending on its severity will be prescribed antifungal drugs. The fungus can infect the eyelids, which leads to their irritation and swelling.

The consequence of this disease is a minor rash. In this case, shown antifungal and other medications. Definitely among the tablets are antibiotics. In any case, without prior consultation with the dermatologist treatment of these lesions can be very dangerous. For each type of fungus has its own medications, special treatments. If the cause of the rash is demodicosis, is assigned permetrina ointment and medication. When you see small purulent nodes applies a special ointment. It is in these ulcers and are the causative agents of the disease. Demodicosis requires long-term treatment.

If the cause of the rash is an Allergy, and the source of its occurrence is known, you need to try as much as possible to isolate themselves from its effects. You can take anti-allergic drugs, in the pharmacies today quite a lot. In the absence of Allergy to chamomile, it would be useful to make an infusion – a teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers per Cup of hot water. With a cotton swab warm solution is applied on the affected areas and let it dry. This will help relieve itching and redness.

At the first sign of a rash is to strengthen control over the condition of the skin around the eyes and to strictly respect hygiene. It is not necessary to use special cosmetics for face washing, as they can cause more damage. Better to wash with warm water with a small addition of soap.