Most of the oligarchs billionaires are not born. To see the beginner programmer of the future bill gates is also a kind of art. Maybe it makes sense to look at young people who do nothing but differ hard work, dedication and faith in their own strength. As said in the immortal film: "If you want to be married to General, then you need to choose a major".
The oligarchs pay attention to the owners of the bright appearance. Requires a lot of effort to match the taste of a wealthy man. If the girl nature has not endowed natural beauty, you need to thoroughly work on their image, perhaps even to resort to the services of plastic surgeons.
You can win the heart of the oligarch, got a job in his company. Shared work and shared interests that bring us together. Here the woman has a chance to prove themselves and to win favor with the rich side of the head.
You can imagine how many girls hanging around the rich and idle men. Must possess unusual qualities to attract his attention. Here, the main rule is to not be like everyone else. Do not just show the man that you are interested in it. If you planned a dinner, you can even offer him to pay the bill in half. Thus, he begins to realize that it wasn't another hunter.
You need to constantly work on his intellectual development. The man who made millions, by definition, cannot be foolish. He is not to be limited minded and interesting women.
You should all have your own opinion and be independent. Wealthy people used that around them is always an entourage of people who are constantly "watch their mouths" and agree with their point of view. You need to be able to surprise him with his unusual thinking and looking at things. That many do not have enough.
Business people a lot of time devote to work. At times, they all thought only of her. If a girl starts to be interested in his Affairs in her face tycoon may find a sympathetic ear, a staunch ally and a friend with whom you can talk on any topic.
No need to try anything to portray. Hypocrisy and pretense are immediately noticeable and can cause alienation. The girl needs to be herself and behave organically and naturally.
To win the love of a billionaire, you have to learn to close their eyes to all his faults and eccentricities. He should know that it will never judge. With forgiving woman a man feels easy and comfortable.
Unfortunately, girls who dream to marry a lot, and the oligarchs are few, and not enough at all. Wealth does not guarantee happiness, so, perhaps, this is a real family happiness lies in something else. Someone is destined to marry an oligarch, and someone- for an electrician or driver.