You will need
  • The desire to change
  • The tendency to study
To marry a billionaire , you can only if you really look at things. Be honest with yourself: if you have average looks, mediocre sense of humor, you have a bad figure and you do not mind shines, honestly make a list of your qualities, which need carefully to work.
Remember about the time. In order to marry a billionaire, you have only 10-15 years when you are in the most beautiful form.
It is best to start to catch a billionaire in his youth. Look at the sides. Maybe you know a pitcher talents promising man? Maybe you should focus on it, and when she married, to make him a rich man?
In trying to marry a wealthy man try to be smart and don't be too obvious. Don't talk about money and don't ask how much he earns.
In the presence of the billionaire of your dreams try not to drink, smoke, take drugs, behave aggressive and vulgar. Be Mature and elegant. You want to be his wife, not mistress?
Try to learn more about the lifestyle of billionaires, before you attempt to marry one of them. Learn horse riding, tennis, Golf. Constantly learn new things about wine, food, music, art – these are the topics in which among the rich people, they understand.
To marry a billionaire, take the initiative. Travel and spend more time where they are often. Try to plan your meeting, do not expect that fate will bring you such a gift.