The first thing you need to start is to review your wardrobe and replenish it with stylish things. Before you start hunting for a rich husband needed to lose weight, visit a beauty salon and learn some manners secular women. For example, to elegantly expose the leg while exiting the car, start conversation in society, right there in the restaurant.
After the initial training is completed, and the lessons learned, are selected places where they will be Dating with rich men. This can be a exhibition car or lounge car sales. Fit and parts store. Importantly, the prospective groom chose the parts for the expensive models. Men think they are better than women understand the technology, so for the first contact, you can come and ask for advice.
In the restaurant to distract a rich man from business meetings very difficult, in a nightclub or bar lonely girl associated with "night butterfly", so the best solution is to find a rich groom at the receptions, social parties and similar events. Should be smart to receive an invitation, although some organizations often hold parties and open by appointment. What good are events that it is possible first to introduce themselves and make conversation about my experience.
It is clear that I want a husband rich, but the young man with the handsome figure. And where can such be found? Of course, in gyms, on the tennis court, equestrian club and places like that. Will have to sweat in the gym and learn horse riding, but that does not make for his happiness. Introduction should start with a question that cannot be answered briefly, for example, ask how to use the simulator.
To find a rich husband is possible at dog shows and other animals. And, usually the pet of a man is a rare and expensive breeds. To meet at the exhibition is not difficult, about his favorite animal, the man will talk endlessly.
You can get acquainted with a man on the road, enough to have his own car. Stay at the curb where there are no pedestrians, you can, for example, to pull the wheel and wait for a real gentleman would stop and offer assistance. And then a few mysterious glances will do the trick.
And finally, you can look for a wealthy bidder to suitors in the online Dating sites. This method runs the risk of running into a Scam, but still very popular among the beautiful half of humanity.