How to meet a millionaire

Irresistible desire to live lavishly, drive luxury cars, every week to update your wardrobe, Shine expensive outfits, relax on exotic Islands and ride on his own snow-white yacht often cause girls modern glossy magazines. But to make these dreams become a reality, you must find her Prince, who happens to be an oligarch.

Usual it's difficult for her to meet and marry secured the young man, but still quite possible. If you set yourself such a goal, pay attention to some nuances:

Really rate their chances of acquaintance with the millionaire. You have to understand that if you live in sparsely populated points, go to work by public transport, do not go to decent clubs or restaurants – your chances of finding the oligarch can be reduced to almost zero. If you live in a fairly large metropolis and hold a position in a good company, the chance to meet the happiness greatly increased.

So, if your residence makes your pipe dream, pay attention to your appearance. You should tidy up your figure, hair, nails, etc should not use too flashy makeup and wear too revealing clothes. You need to look elegant and restrained.

Remember that the oligarch would not mind to meet a girl model looks, but if she's uneducated, a wife he certainly will not take. Millionaires prefer to face in life partner are not only beautiful, but also know the etiquette, able to maintain polite conversation, educated girls.
Engage in the study of foreign languages, enroll in driving school, be interested in the rules of Golf and other favorite games of the oligarchs. Met a girl with such intelligence, your Prince will not be able to resist.

Where to meet a tycoon

Even if you are beautiful and educated girl, who knows the etiquette and how to behave at social parties, still a man with a fat wallet he will not knock on your door. He and I need to start Dating. But where? There are several variants of such places:

• expensive restaurants and hotels;
• corporate parties foreign companies;
• dear casino;
• sites of international Dating.
The best places of concentration of millionaires are the United States, Monaco, Moscow and South Africa. But not all young women have the opportunity to visit these countries.

If you managed to meet a rich man, your task is to create a serious relationship with him. Not so easy to get hold of the oligarch. Continue to improve and grow in different areas. And most importantly, prove to the man that you need not only his wallet, but he himself.