Concentrated stevia powder with no additives to use the most economical. One pinch of this powder will sweeten tea, coffee, cereal, pastries. For those who count calories, do not have to make a choice between tasty and healthy food. If using concentrated powder stevia products become more nutritious and in shape there is no fear.
It is worth noting that the powder is a concentrated refined stevioside. So it is not green and white. Discussions about using it for a healthy diet are still underway. Safety of refined concentrate of stevia is questionable. The dose exceeding 1500 mg per day causes a sharp decrease in blood pressure, bloating, dizziness, numbness of the limbs.
Refined powder cannot be used in the use of drugs for lowering sugar levels, normalization of lithium, together with antihypertensive and diuretics, if you are allergic to the Asteraceae family, during pregnancy and lactation.
Measure out the desired dose of powdered stevia is quite difficult. Overdose leads to the fact that the dish or drink turn out cloyingly sweet.
"Stabilit" - stevia tablets. Ideal for those who are watching the intake of calories and adds to the tea or coffee very small dose of means that substitute sugar. When buying stevia in tablets easier to control the flow. Disadvantages of this form of stevia – the smell of licorice, you can not use in cold drinks. Tablets dissolve only in hot water.
In addition, stevia tablets are awkward to use when cooking dough, cereals. If the powder dissolves almost instantly in water and for maximum sweetness it requires only one pinch, in the case of tablets have to use at least half a teaspoon and dissolve them in hot water, or crushed.
The dried crushed leaves of stevia are the most safe to apply. If you add a pinch of this herb in tea or coffee, a drink will take a unique flavor and become very sweet. Grass promotes weight loss, prevents tooth decay and fractures of tooth enamel, has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer effect, improves the immune system, safe for use with diabetes and other chronic diseases. In addition, the herb stevia contains 17 amino acids, a full range of vitamins and minerals, so it promotes good health in General.