Sugar substitutes – the perfect solution for people determined to lose weight, those who for various reasons can not use regular sugar in the food. However, it is believed that sugar the body takes a simple sugar, so people have the feeling of hunger when he uses the sweeteners. All because the use of Splenda induces the production of insulin, which is required for the breakdown of glucose. As well as glucose do not actually enters the body, a false signal is used to increase appetite.
A lot more health benefits brings natural honey, dried fruits, brown sugar. And if you are aiming to lose weight, abandoning sugar, change your dietary habits gradually reducing consumed per day percentage of sugar.

Artificial sweeteners

Today can be purchased synthetic sweeteners, and natural. It is clear that the natural sweeteners are less harmful to human health. But not always, and artificial substitutes are not useful. They trigger the feeling that the man has to eat something sweet or drink tea, coffee with sugar. Russia is allowed to sell only a few types of sugar substitutes:

• Aspartame is a common sugar substitute, use is recommended in small amounts. Overdose causes headaches, insomnia, so do not give a sweetener;
• Sucralose – can be used even for pregnant women, is sold in pharmacies, but the price of the sweetener is high enough;
• Acesulfame potassium is not recommended for people suffering from heart lack, can cause allergies;
• Cyclamate is not recommended for people with kidney disease harmful to children and pregnant women, banned in the US.

Natural sugar substitutes

Fructose – this natural sweetener is not inferior caloric real sugar. However, the fructose helps to avoid the formation of sugar and does not cause release of insulin in the blood, so it can be consumed by diabetics.
Fructose, a natural sugar substitute that is absorbed slower than glucose, about three times.

Also natural sugar substitutes, you can choose stevia. It's a sweet herb with zero calories that can be added in tea in pill form and in the form of tinctures, powders and syrups. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Any artificial sweeteners can cause harm, if to exceed the maximum rate. To calculate the amount of sugar substitute tablets that you can eat per day, it will be possible using the information on the packaging. Nutritionists claim that tablets are attractive to dieters and diabetics because of the possibility of exact calculation of the dose.