Decide the direction, if you prefer a certain resort in Egypt. The most popular resorts – Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh. Buy there last minute for "tasty" price easiest. Sharm El Sheikh can be a little more expensive than Hurghada because the hotels are mostly new and fashionable.
Look at the websites of tour operators, how much are the regular tickets for your preferred resort. The most popular tour operators "Pegas Touristik", TezTour and "coral travel". Please note that price will vary depending on the number of stars in the hotel and service system. If a ticket purchased a month before the trip, is 30,000 rubles, or burning in the same hotel can be bought for 15,000. Sometimes hotels hold shares and reduce the price, which also significantly affects the final cost of the tour.
Start to track the price of the tour two weeks before the intended date of departure. Often the price is reduced gradually. For two days or a day before departure, it will reach its lowest level. But there is a danger that someone will be quicker and you buy last minute faster. So, if you want to get to a specific hotel, not worth the risk to wait until the last day.
Visit travel agencies in your city offer "last minute" if you wanted to go to bed no later than tomorrow. The agencies are buying tours from operators. And if for some reason the client refused to travel for a couple of days before departure, it is more profitable to sell a ticket at a reduced price than lose all the money. But to choose from the many options you will not be able. The main thing – time to buy a ticket until you are ahead of others wishing to have a rest cheaply.
Sign up on sites that specialize in last minute like "Chiptrip". Several times a day there appears information about burning permits in any country of the world, including in Egypt. But these companies have one major drawback: their offices are in Moscow or St. Petersburg, and to book a tour, you need to come to the office in person, with money and documents. If you live a few thousand kilometers from Moscow, will make it difficult.