To find a really good hot tour, take a few preliminary steps.
Before you start searching for a last minute trip, try to clearly define your requirements to relax. Answer yourself the following questions:

– what country you want to relax;
– what attracts you in this country – beach holidays, ski resorts, sightseeing, historical tours, shopping, etc.;
– what kind of budget you plan to allocate to rest;
– which city is better for your travel;
hotel what level and with what kind of infrastructure would suit you;
– what form tours tour operators in your chosen country in your city;
– than you could neglect when choosing a hotel/city/country.

Then check out the hotel base selected countries or cities – decide which hotels you would like to get, and, conversely, what doesn't suit you under any circumstances. You should also decide which of the tour operators you would like to make the trip, because it also largely depends on how comfortable your stay is.
This training is necessary in order to enable you to quickly make the decision about purchase of a tour. In the decision-making process, you may just not find time to at least briefly acquainted with the infrastructure and location, as well as reviews on the hotel or tour operator.
So, country and city recreation are defined, the list of your favorite hotels and tour operators you have on hand, do some proper search last minute trip.
Go to the website is one of the few free search engines tours from all major tour operators of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and etc. On home page select the category "tours". Set the search options tours – leaving town, country and city of stay, departure date and number of nights, number of guests, hotel category, meals, the cost of the tour. System few seconds it will give a beautiful design for the given parameters. Choose the one most suitable to you and go to the official website of the tour operator to offer this tour. On the tour operator site and fill in the same search box, make sure that this tour is available. Now it only remains to the nearest travel agent found a tour.