The trend in medicine, which studies the relationship between human emotions and illness called psychosomatic. Direction is not new, the ancient Greek scientists, Arab doctors and philosophers on the mutual influence of the soul (emotions) and body wrote since time immemorial. But how much of what you can't touch it, in times past, such studies were declared not scientific and their followers were persecuted. Despite this, research continued. Especially in the West. In psychosomatics as science the great contribution made by such scientists as Z. Freud, K. Jung, R. Johnston, L., hay, P. Anokhin, F. Berezin, K. Sudakov, V. Uspensky, J. Zimmerman, N. Bekhterev, V. Topolyansky, and others.

Having knowledge about what an emotion, a psychological reaction that can lead to a particular disease, you can try to get rid of it in the "Bud", not to wallow then, in the elimination of problems caused by it.

A short list of diseases caused by negative emotions

Rage: rabies, tonsillitis, vaginitis, warts, hirsutism, skin diseases, urethritis, urinary tract infection, barley.

Revenge/Rage: abscess (abscess), inflammation, hepatitis, venereal disease, bad breath.

Grief/Bitterness: asthma, Alzheimer's disease, kidney disease, especially in children, viral infection, herpes simplex, diabetes, cholelithiasis, hypertension, low blood pressure, mastoiditis.

Alarm: adenoids, respiratory diseases, eye diseases, tonsils, dizziness, dental disease, skin disease, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, a boil.

Longing: Alcoholism, asthma, gastritis, hypoglycemia, barley, diabetes, coronary thrombosis, high blood pressure, low blood pressure.

Fear/Horror: infertility, miscarriage, insomnia, anaemia, flatulence, inflammation, asthma, migraine, gastric diseases, obesity, impotence, skin disease, coronary thrombosis, mastoiditis, baldness, cancer, cramps, nausea, enuresis, heartburn, gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

Despair: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, vitiligo, hernia, bone disease, narcolepsy, emphysema.

Offense: hemorrhoids, obesity, arthritis, gangrene, eye diseases, hernia, gall-stone disease, cyst, sagging facial features, cancer, rheumatism, nodular thickening.

Anger: Addison's disease, lupus red, hepatitis, thyroid, depression, wrist, impotence, candidiasis, conjunctivitis, obesity, gout, kidney stones, boils, and eczema.

List of diseases caused by the ambivalent emotions

Jealousy: deafness, constipation, cysts, nodules, eczema.

Glee: the fungus, constipation, urethritis, gout, dryness in the eyes.

It must be remembered that all these emotions can be directed not to strangers or even relatives. Often all these emotions people are experiencing to themselves. Especially if the "chase" problems and emotions inside. Thus, without working on yourself, do not convince themselves, and even better with the help of psychologists specializing in psychosomatics, health problem, starting in any one area of the body can spread to other areas like cancerous tumors.

Because some diseases can be caused by not one but a complex of emotions simultaneously, you understand this can only help the specialist in psychosomatics.