The stresses of modern man

Almost everyone have noticed that in the case of stress, for example, if the exam or project, before the exciting meeting with an important person or in preparation for a significant life event, the body reacts very peculiar. In particular, can present with irritable bowel syndrome, to increase sweating, to receive a hand shake or hoarseness.

Modern life is filled with stress. But do not always have the opportunity to openly Express their emotions. So they slowly accumulate in the body and once like a bomb, followed by an explosion. It can manifest as the occurrence of any specific disease, and violation of temperature of the body.

Temperature under stress

If you encounter a difficult situation in some cases there is an increase in body temperature. People feel extremely bad, feeling all the symptoms of colds.
Doctors call syndrome of fever of nerves "flight into disease".
There was even conducted studies that have shown that students, particularly stung about assessments during the control and inspection of works significantly increases body temperature.

We can say that temperature is a physical manifestation of human fear. Revealed a direct correlation between man's responsibility and the extent to which can rise your temperature during difficult and stressful situations.

The increase in temperature is a psychosomatic reaction, and therefore requires no treatment and, especially, a visit to the doctors. The only tool in this situation could be an experienced psychologist.
Possibly let the release of strong emotions, don't sweat them inside. Then a psychosomatic manifestation of stress will not be afraid.
But his assistance is required only in the case if the man himself can not cope with their emotions. Usually, it is enough to pull myself together, to calm down, stop being nervous, and anxiety will pass. So, will disappear and psychosomatic reactions.

However, if the unpleasant symptoms of nerve excitations are quite frequent and cause severe discomfort, you should pay attention to them. Because the background of the constant stress can have serious health problems. No wonder they say that "all illnesses from nerves".