Emotional bad habits, sometimes more dangerous than physical. We are talking about the offense, the prosecution and all their faults and troubles, envy, revenge, and more.

But all these things are very live and let live, affect our health. Don't give to truly be happy. Even if you have an interesting job that you love and are loved, you are all perfect, believe me, these things will not give you live quietly. We are so constituted that everything we do is aimed only in one direction – to be happy. And these bad habits poison our lives, and as we had not tried happiness will not come.

Resentment, from which there is this unpleasant feeling? For example, someone was offended. But negative emotion which is left over after you have offended, will haunt you for a long time. When meeting with a perpetrator will experience a fountain of discomfort. But the offense is very dangerous effect on health, causes unique harm.

What you need to do to not be offended? Very simple advice. Don't expect anything from others, to not worry about it. No you in this life do not have to. Understand and accept all for who they are.

In any case, this does not mean that you need to communicate with ignorant and rude people who don't respect you. You must choose with whom to communicate, and someone to learn how to say "goodbye." . And believe me, life without a state offense, you will have a lot easier.

The real pain, which does not allow the soul to enjoy the success of his friends, and poisons the joy is envy. Jealousy in real life does not allow you to rejoice in the present, because we believe, looking at the others that they had all better but we are not happy.

No need to envy the happiness of others. You don't represent their real life, you were in their shoes. And believe me, you don't try, everyone has their own problems, their suffering.


The majority of people with all the pleasure in discussing other people's lives. All people are different. Everyone is entitled to their error. Why people have done so and not differently? Believe me, it is his right. After all, you don't know, than he lives, than breathes, of what thinks.

Why do you need other people's problems?