With bitterness, we have enclosed ourselves in ourselves, poisoning her from the inside. Offense under we understand a situation where, in our view, unfairly hurt upset or insulted. And we are able to obtain this feeling when, the same applies to close to us in terms of energy of the person, projecting his resentment on himself, as if sharing it with him.

In any case, the resentment extremely negative impact on us. It may worsen our health. Unspoken, nevesomosti negative thoughts and emotions of resentment can cause irregularities in the cardiovascular and respiratory and nervous systems and can cause a number of allergic reactions.

How do we learn to deal with this toxin called "resentment"? You can, of course, to walk, to sulk, to be strong, to overcome and absorb the negativity, learn to live with it, and eventually completely forget about him, to repeat a new similar case. Then, this snowball will be added to another portion, through which will once again hurt the self-esteem and faith in people.

The easiest and most effective input from this situation is hearing her on the spot. No matter how it was scary, exhausting or unreasonably, but it is worth doing. First, it will teach you how to fight for their honor. Nothing to talk about fights, and diplomatic negotiations. Require the offender to prove his statement. Generally, the applicant gets a little confused and feels uncomfortable. And secondly, sometimes we just resent the fact that we, in fact, incorrectly reached. Always check.