People often suffer from various ailments of the body. Often it's quite simple and logical chain - man goes to doctor, says that he has a particular disease, the doctor prescribes a pill that will destroy a symptom of the disease. Man walks into a pharmacy, buys for all the money drugs, takes them, removes the symptoms of the disease, and then thinks that the disease left his body.

But it is worth remembering that more than 50% of diseases are the result of disease of the human psyche. And if you just take meds, neither of which the treatment of the psyche of the question. Therefore, you can be almost sure that the same disease may at any time be repeated again and again, if people will not replace their perception of reality.

Long-researched fact that the person littered with nerve endings and fibers. Each human cell responds to his emotional state, if the person is aggressive, all the cells in his body begin to move in a chaotic manner. When people are calm or even happy, resume the process of regeneration and his health improves.

For example, the throat when the person really wants to say something, but holding back, the electric pulse from the brain arrives at the nerve endings in the throat, but not reprimand, fails and produces an inflammatory process.

So before you get treatment from a doctor, you should deal with yourself, your negative traits.

Of course, nobody forbids to be treated at the same time the doctors in the clinic. But it is worth remembering that the doctor will be able to cure the human psyche!