To delete the account record, go to "control Panel" from "start menu" and then expand "Account" by double-clicking. In the opened window, click on the entry you want to delete.
Click on the link "Delete accounting entry". The program will prompt you to save the profile to be deleted party in a new folder on your desktop. You can save data to delete or not to delete the account. Make your selection and click the appropriate button. Confirm your decision by clicking "Yes".
If you are logged in as administrator, then delete their user record can not. You will have to create a new user with administrator privileges, go under his name and remove "Administrator". You can give these rights to another registered party and to ask him to remove your "uchetku".
There is another way. Right click on the icon "My computer" and choose in the drop-down menu "Management". Expand the snap-in "Local users" and "Users". If the system was created an invisible account, they cannot be seen from the "control Panel" even for the administrator. However, the program "Local users and groups" shows you all registered participants.
Hover the cursor over the desired recording and call drop down menus right click the mouse. Choose the Delete command. Confirm your decision by clicking "Yes". In this mode, you can delete the entry "Administrator". You can just press the keyboard Delete key. Will appear the same dialog window asking to confirm the deletion.
Accounting entry do not have to remove – it can be disabled and then the user who was under it, will not come into the system. Start the snap-in "Local users", select the account entry and call the context menu with the right mouse button. Choose the command "Properties" and tick the checkbox "Disable account record". For confirmation, click OK.