If your computer has multiple accounts, log in to the account that was created with the status "Administrator". After the system fully starts up, open "control Panel". This can be done through the menu "start".
In the window that appears in the "Preview" should be selected "Small icons". This will speed up the search of the right item. If you choose a category, then the desired item will be located under "System and security". In this window you will see subkeys that are required to control all functions of the system. Select "Administration".
This element of "control Panel", find "computer Management". Run it by double click. In the newly opened window, in its left side, expand "Local users and groups". You will see two folders. Select "Users". It stores information about all accounts that were created on the computer earlier.
Select the account that has the status "Administrator". Open it also by double click. When will appear a new tab, you will see all the properties for this account. To disable the "Administration", set the checkmark in the column "account is Disabled". After this, click OK.
To disable the administration is also using the command line. To do this, open "start menu" and then to "Standard" and the "Command prompt". In it write the following text: "Net user Administrator /Active:no". After you press the Enter key. The system will inform you that this feature is disabled. As a result of these actions, the account "Administrator" will be disabled. Exactly the same manipulations you can make to disable any other account.