You will need
  • A computer running the Windows operating system, average skills on work with computer
Go to the main menu "start" with the left mouse button and then click Run. Type in the window "control userpasswords2" and press "Enter" (open the management console user account).
Select user account to administrator and change the properties in the tab "group membership" group of records to a "regular" or "limited". Or delete all users in the system, leaving only the built-in administrator (the user name will always default to the "Administrator").
Now the former account administrator will be able to use anyone. If you have forgotten your password, you can bypass the system using fairly simple techniques. First log in as a regular user (if this is not possible, using a bootable floppy disk). Open the system folder System32 (C:WindowsSystem32). Make a backup copy of the file "Logon.scr". Rename "Cmd.exe in the "logon.scr".
Restart Windows and wait for about 10-20 minutes. If you did everything correctly, a command prompt appears. In the command prompt, type "EXPLORER" and enter the full rightsof the mi administrator. Then you can just as well (using the Run command) to open accounts and to restrict or fully remove the rights with each of them.