Work with accounts (accounts) users on a Windows operating system is carried out by special service. Run it as follows: enter the menu "start" and then click "control Panel".
In control panel select "user Accounts" and double click on it. In the window of the service displayed to all users of this computer. User accounts you can delete or temporarily disable. It is impossible to remove and disable the only administrator account that has special rights.
In order to remove computer user, select the desired account and click on it. Opens the settings window for a particular account, which will represent all the possible actions with the account. In order to remove a user, click on the link "Delete account".
After that, the system will give the choice of how to proceed with the file delete the account. The account information can be saved, which will allow you to save files from your account on the administrator's desktop, or permanently delete from your hard drive. Select the appropriate action. Then confirm the account deletion.
In addition to the entrance to the system using individual accounts with virtually unlimited rights to use Windows by using a special type of account called "Guest". The guest account cannot be deleted but you can disable it. To disconnect, select the guest account in the services dialog box "user Accounts" and click on "Disable account "Guest". Now when you turn on the PC the account selection will not be provided.