Convenient to manage the accounts from the Microsoft management console (MMC). Open it. To do this, click start -> Run -> mmc. Or start and in the search box, type mmc, and then press Enter. If the system prompts you for confirmation to allow the program to make changes to your computer, click OK. If you need to enter the administrator password, do this. This opens the MMC console.
On the left menu, you will see a list in which the item "Local users and groups". If local users and groups does not appear there, then you are probably previously with this computer, no one edited the user accounts via the console, so you need to add the snap-in. To do this, select the menu "File", there select "Add / remove snap-in".
Now in the opened list find the item "Local users and groups", select it, click "Add". You will see how it will appear in the list. Click the "finish" button, then click "OK" to return to the console and begin editing the account.
Click on the group "Local users and groups" in the menu. In neighboring list pane, you will see several folders, among which will be the directory "Users". After double-clicking on it opens the user list, from there select the name of the account you want to disable.
Right-click the call profile menu, select "Properties". There you will see the General tab. Turn on the checkbox for the setting "account is Disabled", now click "OK".
When you want to enable the user account to become available again, do the same thing, only instead of having to place a tick next to settings and disable the account, remove it. Now this user will be able to log back into the system.