You will need
  • place for a puppy
  • place and bowl feeding
  • - items puppy care
  • toys
  • - first aid kit
At 7 days of age Labrador puppy only knows how to suck and sleep. In 2-week-old puppy open eyes and sometimes he distinguishes the sounds. In 3 weeks the puppy is already fully opened eyes, and he focuses his vision.
7 days
The puppy is thoroughly examine your home, playing and running around, while willing to person. However, in this period the outbreak of the activity of the baby alternates with periods of deep sleep.
2 weeks
At the age of 4 weeks the puppy is already firmly on its feet and confident moves. The front legs from the elbows straight, and the back is very powerful. You can try to put the baby in the rack.
4 weeks
The puppy must be large head and broad chest. The nose is broad and short, about 4-5 cm, is supposed to be wet and cold. The ears are set far behind the eyes, not very heavy, close to the head. The inside of the ear pink.
Eyes up to 12 weeks of age, when there is a change of teeth, have bluish tint. Than a shade lighter, the lighter will be the eyes in adult dogs. The expression of the eyes of a puppy to determine his character.
2 months
The body of the puppy Labrador is a strong and proportional, with a short back and wide loins. The abdomen is soft and supple, and hair glossy, shiny and silky. The skin is clean, supple and odorless.
Feet compact, round, with arched toes and large pads. The claws of one color of wool. "Vydavy" the tail covered with dense hair. It is medium in length, thick at the base and tapering towards the end.
1.5-2 months the puppy should weigh about 6-8 kg. he already cut all milk teeth, and it can be to wean from the breast nipples. In 2.5 months the puppy should completely transition to solid food. Closer to 2 months the baby most of the time sleeping and the rest – plays.
Labrador puppy has an incredible intelligence and wit, very playful and often distracted. This fun, fluffy ball is able to charge everyone with positive energy. The period of childhood and youth have Labrador has a duration of about 3 years.
The adult Labrador is a strongly built dog with a broad head, body chest and strong limbs. For this breed of dog typical balanced psyche and excellent ability to get along with people. Nice little puppy will grow up courageous, loyal and affectionate companion.
Adult Labrador