Advice 1: Looks like a Labrador puppy

Buy small pet is best for a breeder to see the parents, how will the puppy when you grow up. Important to its origin and how it looks. Puppies Labradors come in black, brown and yellow color. The kid needs to look active and healthy.
Labrador puppies
You will need
  • place for a puppy
  • place and bowl feeding
  • - items puppy care
  • toys
  • - first aid kit
At 7 days of age Labrador puppy only knows how to suck and sleep. In 2-week-old puppy open eyes and sometimes he distinguishes the sounds. In 3 weeks the puppy is already fully opened eyes, and he focuses his vision.
7 days
The puppy is thoroughly examine your home, playing and running around, while willing to person. However, in this period the outbreak of the activity of the baby alternates with periods of deep sleep.
2 weeks
At the age of 4 weeks the puppy is already firmly on its feet and confident moves. The front legs from the elbows straight, and the back is very powerful. You can try to put the baby in the rack.
4 weeks
The puppy must be large head and broad chest. The nose is broad and short, about 4-5 cm, is supposed to be wet and cold. The ears are set far behind the eyes, not very heavy, close to the head. The inside of the ear pink.
Eyes up to 12 weeks of age, when there is a change of teeth, have bluish tint. Than a shade lighter, the lighter will be the eyes in adult dogs. The expression of the eyes of a puppy to determine his character.
2 months
The body of the puppy Labrador is a strong and proportional, with a short back and wide loins. The abdomen is soft and supple, and hair glossy, shiny and silky. The skin is clean, supple and odorless.
Feet compact, round, with arched toes and large pads. The claws of one color of wool. "Vydavy" the tail covered with dense hair. It is medium in length, thick at the base and tapering towards the end.
1.5-2 months the puppy should weigh about 6-8 kg. he already cut all milk teeth, and it can be to wean from the breast nipples. In 2.5 months the puppy should completely transition to solid food. Closer to 2 months the baby most of the time sleeping and the rest – plays.
Labrador puppy has an incredible intelligence and wit, very playful and often distracted. This fun, fluffy ball is able to charge everyone with positive energy. The period of childhood and youth have Labrador has a duration of about 3 years.
The adult Labrador is a strongly built dog with a broad head, body chest and strong limbs. For this breed of dog typical balanced psyche and excellent ability to get along with people. Nice little puppy will grow up courageous, loyal and affectionate companion.
Adult Labrador
To 8-week-old puppy should not be separated from its mother.

Little puppy in need of care and attention. For proper growth it requires appropriate diet.
Useful advice
1.5-2 months the puppy should have a veterinary passport with the necessary vaccinations, ear mark or stomach.

Advice 2: How to choose a puppy Labrador Retriever

Many dog breeds are derived for a specific purpose. The Labrador Retriever is a unique breed, as it combines the qualities of hunting and police dogs, rescue and guide dogs. If you were to describe her in one word, we can say that this is the most dedicated person type of dog. The choice of your pet should be approached responsibly, because he will live with the owner at least 10-15 years.
How to choose a puppy Labrador Retriever

Before purchasing

To start is to decide what tasks will be performed by the dog, will be delighted if the dog to all family members. If it is implied that the pet will participate in exhibitions and to win medals, then be sure to in advance to check the availability of the needed official documents: metric, pedigree, veterinary passport.

The metric on the puppy is usually issued not earlier than the 45th day after the date of birth. Since this period put him in the groin and in my right ear the mark, the number of which then transferred all its documents. In the metric must be specified the sex of the puppy, its breed, name, color and date of birth. The document is usually issued by the Russian Kennel Federation.

A real pedigree dog is a laminated document issued by the Russian Kennel Federation. She must have the hologram and emblem in the shape of a dog's head with a circular inscription - RKF. It contains all information about the breeder of the puppy and all known representatives of its ancestors.

In addition to metrics, and the pedigree of the puppy must be an international veterinary passport, in which in addition to all the data stored in the metric, contains information about all made him vaccinations against diseases. Fills in the passport by the veterinary doctor. In the future, it will be recorded information about deworming, reproduction, chipping and treatments from ectoparasites.

Where to buy Labrador Retriever

To buy a puppy Labrador Retriever best in the famous kennels and kennel clubs. It is desirable that the institutions included in the system of Russian Cynological Federation and specialized in this breed.

You can also contact for dog training sites and forums, use announcements dog owners of Labrador retrievers in Newspapers such as "Hand in Hand". It is advisable to visit dog shows to meet with experienced breeders and benefit from their advice.

Appearance and behavior

Puppy to buy, taking away from his mother at the age of 45-60 days. But to choose it much earlier. Look after yourself pet's appearance and behavior can have 30 days, after watching the kids and their mom. If the bitch meets a stranger angry barking or growling, it is possible to doubt the steadiness psyche a puppy from her litter. Because this behavior is transmitted at the genetic level. But about Labrador retrievers know that their breed is kind to anyone.

At the same time you can see the conditions in which animals are kept. If the owner has ensured their Pets clean, dry and comfortable premises, excellent food, the health of the puppy, most likely, will delight the future owner. During this time, you can learn a lot from conversations with the owner of the dogs about the father of the kids about nutrition and content Labrador Retrievers; about the temperament, habits and behavior of each puppy.

To choose the right one only baby Labrador Retriever, you need to see, what standards it must meet. It is possible to invite an expert. It is also important to assess the state of health of the puppy. It should be a normal chair, cold and wet nose, firm stomach.

Doubt with the gender of the dog should know that females are much more docile males. But the latter are characterized by an active lifestyle. If bitches are looking for a partner for mating once a year, the males are concerned about finding a partner constantly.

The coat of the Labrador Retriever is usually fully colored in one of colors: white, yellow, chocolate, chestnut, fawn, black. A dog of this breed has a fluffy tail like an otter. Healthy puppies of Labrador Retriever are healthy looking and wagging his tail. They are active, strong, playful, restless, cheeky, curious and bold.

On the contrary some like not very active puppies. They are also good. But would they normally react to separation from their droppings, not afraid of clapping their hands over their head, not shunned other puppies and people. It is worth remembering that puppies according to their structure are not too collapsible. It is better to pay attention to their parents.

Advice 3: How to raise a Labrador puppy

Labradors are one of the most common breeds of dogs, as its representatives not only smart and reactive, but also have a balanced temperament. However, for all the positive qualities were developed in the labs need the proper education.
How to raise a Labrador puppy
Start to bring up a puppy Labrador with the same minutes, he appeared. However, as it is too small for all to learn, start training gradually. First of all, you have to hide everything that can serve the puppy temptation: scattered on the floor, shoes and toys, casually lying on the floor wire.
Do not allow your puppy to go to sleep anywhere – he has to have his personal space. Take the place for it (it should not be placed near heating appliances or in a draft) and there lay for him the bedding. If the puppy fell asleep not in his place, gently put him on his Mat and Pat.
Punish a puppy immediately after committing an offense, as if you scold him later, he can't understand why are you angry at him. As punishment of labradorcico you can slap a folded newspaper or magazine, sometimes simply strictly berating him slightly before shaking it or pushing to the floor.
From the first days of your baby stay in your home and teach his commands "no" "place". In addition, to educate the puppy Labrador so that when you call him, he undoubtedly came to you. First, you can achieve a bit of food and a gentle voice. Repeat this for as long as the puppy will not develop a reflex to obey your call.
Starting at 4 months of age, take the puppy for long walks, so he wasn't embarrassed of people, traffic, noise, unfamiliar smells and sounds. Besides, it will be a great opportunity to teach your dog to walk properly on a leash.
If you want to teach the puppy to wait quietly for you at the entrance to stores or establishments that allowed dogs – tie him enter and quickly leave. If he starts to whine and break – back, show their dissatisfaction, give the command "sit," and go away again.
Remember that it is not able to stay long in a static state. As a child, a puppy, if it's not sports, he's sick. Especially if that puppy is the Labrador. If You treat the dog. as a toy, a prestigious element of the interior or from the point of view of the consumer: if you do not guard the apartment, then what does it use? - don't get a Labrador. And if you started -educate him as a Labrador companion buddy. satellite and You will not be disappointed.
Useful advice
Gradually but persistently to bring up and accustom to the rules of your family. Where you can walk the puppy, and where it is impossible to enter, which you can take, and what is not. From teach puppy the command "come", reinforcing her eating, and always autocyte puppy to bite your hands during playtime, but not harshly, but very gently, the puppy of a Labrador Retriever was not cowardly. When raising a Labrador puppy you will need the affection and perseverance, without any rudeness and tone up.

Advice 4: What to feed a Labrador puppy

Labrador puppies, and as puppies of any other breed, require timely and balanced feeding. Compliance in regard to feeding dogs, is the key to its health and longevity.
In order for a Labrador to live a long and happy life, delighting the hosts with its charm and boundless devotion, the first thing to take care of his proper feeding. Eating food that contains the necessary amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, the puppy will actively grow and develop. A balanced diet will contribute to the formation of skeleton and teeth of the puppy, as well as the proper development of the immune system.

To feed a Labrador puppy can be a complete dry food or natural food. And in that and in other case it is necessary to follow certain guidelines so as not to harm the animal. It is important to remember that dog breed is highly prone to obesity, so overfeeding an animal is not recommended.

Dry food

For many, feeding dogs dry food ready as a priority, and rightly so. Dry feed contains all the essential for a puppy minerals and vitamins, besides this kind of feeding is very convenient because it takes little time.

However, there are some points that everyone should know the owner of a Labrador. First and most importantly – never give the dog the cheap dry food. The so-called "economy options" is not relevant here, since their structure can be anything, but not natural and useful substances.

Eating cheap dry food, the beautiful ads which you can see on TV almost every ten minutes, a dog can acquire a "bouquet" of disease. It can begin with constipation or diarrhea, and over very serious illnesses stomach, liver and other vital organs.

To stop this from happening, you need to buy food only proven dog breeders manufacturers, including Royal Canin, Hill's, Purina Pro Plan. Below these trademarks are sold the most affordable super premium food, but if finances allow, you can buy products such as Orijen, Innova EVO, Acana and others.

Important: by choosing a particular stern super premium, you must strictly adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations. Usually on the packaging of food spelled out all the rules of feeding, depending on the age and weight of the puppy.

Natural food

When feeding a natural diet, care should be taken that the diet of a puppy Labrador were always raw meat, which is a source of protein and essential amino acids. In addition to meat, for dogs are extremely useful products such as saltwater fish and cottage cheese.

Of the meat products puppies Labrador you can only give beef as this meat contains little fat. Also dogs can be fed and offal – sometimes give cooked beef liver, lungs, heart. Adolescent puppies can be spoiled beef tripe (stomach) and by the testes, but only periodically – no more than one or two times a week.

It is strictly forbidden to feed Labrador puppies pork because the product contains a lot of fat and consuming it in food can lead to dysfunction in the pancreas. Also from the diet is necessary to exclude the river fish, which may contain all sorts of parasites.
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