Start to bring up a puppy Labrador with the same minutes, he appeared. However, as it is too small for all to learn, start training gradually. First of all, you have to hide everything that can serve the puppy temptation: scattered on the floor, shoes and toys, casually lying on the floor wire.
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Do not allow your puppy to go to sleep anywhere – he has to have his personal space. Take the place for it (it should not be placed near heating appliances or in a draft) and there lay for him the bedding. If the puppy fell asleep not in his place, gently put him on his Mat and Pat.
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Punish a puppy immediately after committing an offense, as if you scold him later, he can't understand why are you angry at him. As punishment of labradorcico you can slap a folded newspaper or magazine, sometimes simply strictly berating him slightly before shaking it or pushing to the floor.
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From the first days of your baby stay in your home and teach his commands "no" "place". In addition, to educate the puppy Labrador so that when you call him, he undoubtedly came to you. First, you can achieve a bit of food and a gentle voice. Repeat this for as long as the puppy will not develop a reflex to obey your call.
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Starting at 4 months of age, take the puppy for long walks, so he wasn't embarrassed of people, traffic, noise, unfamiliar smells and sounds. Besides, it will be a great opportunity to teach your dog to walk properly on a leash.
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If you want to teach the puppy to wait quietly for you at the entrance to stores or establishments that allowed dogs – tie him enter and quickly leave. If he starts to whine and break – back, show their dissatisfaction, give the command "sit," and go away again.