You will need
  • Rope for hanging or other device, clothespins.
Pick up the rope. A rope that is stretched for hanging clothes must be, is first pure, and secondly, durable. Compliance with the latest rules necessary to ensure that the rope could break under the weight of the wash clothes and other Laundry. A pull rope must be very tight. Before each hanging washed clothes on the rope must be cleaned with a damp cloth.
Select a place for clothespins. Clothespins or other clips for lingerie it is best to keep in your pocket. You can pre-attach them to the clothesline. Also it will be convenient to keep the pins attached to a special rope that can be hung on the neck like a necklace or belt. After the linen is dry, it is better to remove the pins in a specially prepared bag.
Before you hang clothes, all the things you need to very carefully straighten. To do this procedure must be very carefully. This is because things in the drying process can stretch out. Special attention should be paid to expansion joints and loops. This can significantly save time and effort on the further Ironing of clothes. Those things that have been turned inside out, should be returned to its original position. After that, they need to be shaken, to take its normal shape.
The same things are the best to hang around. However, it is not necessary to hang items too close to each other - it is necessary to keep them at least at a minimum distance. Otherwise, there is a probability that hangs linen when drying begins to rot. In addition, it is better not to leave clothes to dry for too long (longer than necessary). Dry things become particularly brittle. In addition, the underwear is quite difficult to iron.
To hang the linen thus that the edge of each piece was folded using the clothesline for ten or maximum twenty centimeters. The less thrown to the other side of the rope the edge, the faster it will dry out your Laundry. While knitted clothes should be hung so that she was half-leaning over via a clothesline. Shirts and pants, pillowcases, sheets and duvet covers is allowed to dry on the left side.
Housewives is currently not always possible to dry clothes outdoors. Therefore, more and more it is done directly in the room. For this type of drying is necessary to ensure that the house is very good ventilation.