In polulegenda condition soak umbrella in warm soapy water. Then open it and rinse thoroughly under the shower. After rinsing, wipe the surface with a sponge dampened in a vinegar solution (2 tablespoons of vinegar dilute in 1 liter of water) and dry it in expanded form. If the umbrella is very dirty, clean with a solution of ammonia (half a Cup of ammonia in one liter of water).
If the umbrella is dusty, clean it with a soft brush dipped in a solution of detergent for woolen and synthetic fabrics. Never use cleaning acetone, kerosene, gasoline and other solvents.
If the black umbrella appeared reddishness, then take the brush, moisten it in the broth of strong tea and wipe cloth. Thus, you will return to the umbrella color. Rust stains, wipe with lemon juice, after which clean the surface, rinse with water and hold it over the steam.
Polish the metal pole of the umbrella with car wax. It not only protects the metal but also will make cleaning easier. Only work with wax carefully, if it gets on fabric – there are stains.
Umbrellas are very important for proper drying. Dry semi-open umbrella, away from battery and other heating devices. If you leave the umbrella open fully, it leads to loosening of the spokes and warp of the fabric. Then gently fold the fabric of the dome around the frame and pack in the carrying case. Never put a wet umbrella in case, otherwise there will be unpleasant smell, and the fabric can be stained and formed mold.
Umbrellafrom the sun well. In late summer it becomes dull and dusty. Open the umbrella and carefully clean cloth mild detergent: soap or gel. Then rinse the umbrella running water, and after drying, fold it into the case.
Store your umbrellas in a dry place at moderate temperature. They do not like heat above 30 °C and cold below 10 °C. Follow these guidelines and you will permanently extend the life of your umbrella.