You will need
  • - Umbrella-automatic;
  • - racking.
Never leave wet umbrella in a folded closed. If you do not take special measures to dry the umbrella, it will quickly lose their appearance and may acquire an unpleasant smell.
Before you cross the threshold of the room, close and open again the umbrella-the machine to remove rainwater. Then the cane umbrella is to be folded, a folding umbrella is left open.
Automatic umbrella-cane in the folded, but not closed hang by the handle tip down. If the frame of the umbrella is metal, once the fabric dries, open the umbrella and leave it for a while unfolded. This sequence of drying to avoid stretching the fabric of the umbrella and will protect metal parts from rust.
Folding umbrella-automatic dry immediately when open, because due to the design of folded, it may take a while to retain moisture. The probability that a fabric with this method of drying, stretch, small: in the production of modern umbrellas use high quality materials, practically not subjected to tension.
Never dry the umbrellas in the towel, batteries and other heating devices - it can lead to deformation of the tissue. Also to avoid a fire hazard do not dry umbrellas near the stove. In the summer, straight umbrella, do not leave in direct sunlight – it can burn out.