Wash underwear in two ways: hand-wash and wash in the washing machine. Choose the wash method should be based on information which is usually indicated on the tags attached to the underwear. Some manufacturers recommend only hand washing, others provide for both washing.
So, if you choose machine washable, you must wash the pants separately from other linen as required by the rules of hygiene. Also, wash whites and coloured clothes separately to avoid staining.
If the powder can not cope with the stains, you must scrub the stains with stain remover and leave it for a while in order for the tool to fully penetrate the stains.
Then wash in the machine at the desired mode (safe temperature washing is also usually indicated on the label. If necessary, use a re-stain remover, try rubbing the stains with a special brush for washing.
If you wash clothes by hand, also pay attention to the water temperature for washing. Powder dilute in water until completely dissolved, otherwise the granules of powder can leave stains on linen. After washing, thoroughly rinse the linen in cold water, water change rinse several times until lather.
If lingerie appeared stubborn stains, which can not cope with the stain, try to boil linen with the addition of Parsoli, remember to boil only pure white panties and only if it allows the composition of the tissue.
Children's underwear wash with a special children's washing powders. They help to reduce the risk of Allergy to baby's tender skin due to the fact that not consist of fragrances.
Any way after washing, use fabric softener - it will make linen soft, soft to the touch, giving it a light pleasant scent.