The interview is a test of your willingness to cooperate

Interview with the candidate usually includes the study of the submitted documents and the subsequent dialogue aimed at figuring out how an applicant to the post, claimed. The employer, asking questions, trying to determine what personal and business qualities of the candidate as far as his knowledge, abilities and skills meet the requirements of the position.

Not less important and final part of the interview in which the employer typically gives the applicant the opportunity to ask questions. In this way the staff work with the personnel can find out some more details about the personality of the candidate: his or her motivation, level of aspiration, the ability to articulate their thoughts, the level of conflict and so on.

When he reached this part of the interview, try to give the interviewer a favorable impression of themselves, demonstrate interest in the company and future activities.
The employer will be more sympathetic to a candidate who is actively interested in the field in which he has to work and not just going to take the first available vacancy.

What questions to ask the employer

When at the end of the main part of the interview you will be asked to ask questions, show interest in future cooperation. Find out more what are your functional responsibilities and skills requirements in practice. It is important for you to exactly imagine what the service or production tasks will be to put before you the guide. This will avoid the hassle and conflict situations, when after the start of work you suddenly find that your level does not match the position.

Find out if the company's prospects for professional and career growth. Ask about the current situation of the enterprise market. Does the firm to expand its operations and open new offices? What guided the authorities, pushing workers to increase? Maybe for promotion will be required to pass certification or to earn a certain length. Make it clear to the employer that you are willing to permanently link his life with any company.

Ask a question about working conditions. This will allow you to better imagine what the internal rules and mode of operation of the enterprise. If it matters to you, check whether your position involve work on weekends and trips outside of the city.
Very often the need to go on a long trip brings conflicts in the family and violates the usual rhythm of life.

Be careful asking question about wages. It is best to wait until this will tell the employer himself. If during the interview, this point was not covered, ask what salary you can count on. Be prepared for the fact that the employer himself will ask you, what are your expectations in this regard.

Prepare yourself in advance by finding out what is the level of remuneration for this position in your area. Usually this indicator has a lower and upper bound. Try to identify for themselves the level that is slightly higher than you expect actually.

Please refrain from questions at the beginning of the interview, because during the conversation you will certainly be able to clarify the most interested moments. As a rule, an employee of the company, conducting interviews, building a conversation so that all the major issues concerning the subject of the interview, were covered in full.