You will need
  • To conduct an interview you will need: application form, job requirements and instructions of the accountant.
Make a plan of action. Decide for what exactly purpose you are looking for an accountant. Specify duties and responsibilities of the future candidate for the position. Clearly define the circle of questions which will ask during the interview. Determine the date and exact time of the start of the interview. Try to schedule equal time for each person. Will call candidates and inform about the place and time of the interview. If needed explain in detail how to get to the right place. Prepare the office for an interview. For each candidate prepare: application form, requirements for positions and job descriptions.
The interview is best done in an informal setting. Give the candidate a questionnaire and ask to fill it. Then move on to the conversation. Start with a simple question: ask them to tell about his childhood, about school and adolescence. Then ask his experience and expertise work. If at this stage you know that the candidate in accountants does not suit you, you should end the interview. If you're interested in that person, start to talk in detail about the job duties and instructions. When the conversation would come to a close, tell the candidate how much you'll need time to make decisions.
After you talked with all the candidates for the position of accountant, proceed to the processing of questionnaires. Remember all the key points of the interviews. Compare all candidates on the General criteria: the level of General knowledge, experience, skills and knowledge, personal qualities, the overall impression about a person. Rate all candidates on a scale. Now, relying on the results of interviews and questionnaires, you can opt for the most suitable candidate for the post of accountant and tell him about it.