You will need
  • Product from their range for the test, a printed summary of the candidate for verification of his real story.
When you first meet a candidate note compliance with the generally accepted rules of business etiquette. Neatness in dress, punctuality in time and speak without words and emotion, strictly business. Costume optional, but the sporty look is eliminated. Excessive pretentiousness in clothes will give a person with no taste or low self-esteem. Both option - minus on a scale of "patency" of this applicant for the position.
Excessive govarivali also will not be a plus, however, if in the course of his speech you feel the interest and the location is a definite advantage, because customer relationships are built not only on the business level.
Next, after the story about his company find out the candidate's motivation to work in this company. If the person in the first place puts career or a friendly team - invite the next Challenger, for this not to imagine the structure of the trade representative. Motivation should be the same: the level of wages. If a person says that he is ready to work in full force and get a good money - ask him about the reasons for leaving your previous job.
Rate the sincerity of his answers, a link to an odd work schedule and inflated sales plans should cause concern. In most companies, sales plans real, working late and on weekends - who can not cope in the allotted time. If the reasons for the search for a new objective - to test the candidate's speed of thought and ability to wriggle out of a difficult situation.
Many employers use an old technique - I ask them to sell pens, notepads, calculators. The candidates know it. Invite them to sell anything from their range - in addition to sales skills, you will rate the degree of preparation for the interview, i.e. knowledge of the range of the candidate company. If the person on the go are able to calculate the benefits of unfamiliar product, it's right for you.
So, a candidate for the position of sales representative a neat, smart and sincere. At the end of the selection you need to discuss the wage and what components it includes. In the case of a candidate taking a your environment - make it to work.