Sage is an effective remedy for diarrhea

Sage has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, disinfectant and analgesic effect. For therapeutic purposes, using the infusion, prepared according to the following recipe:
- 50 grams of dried sage leaves;
- 0,5 l of water.
Sage poured just boiled water and insist hour in a thermos or in a well wrapped container. Then the infusion is filtered, cooled and diluted with 0.5 liters of dry red wine. Such a drug need to drink 100 ml every 2 hours.

Wormwood diarrhea

To cope with the disorder will help the healing tea prepared from the following ingredients:
- cups of boiling water;
- 1 tsp dried and powdered herb wormwood.
Wormwood zaparivayut boiling water and insist mixture of 28-30 minutes, then filtered. This potion is recommended to drink 1 tablespoon three times a day half an hour before a meal. Although this drug is effective against diarrhea, it is contraindicated in enterocolitis, and during pregnancy.

The use of Burnet diarrhea

Recommend to take 50 g of fresh Burnet (use the root, leaves, stalks and flowers), chop and place in a quart jar, and pour on top of boiling water. Insist drug 28-30 minutes, then strain. Infusion drink half a Cup every 2 hours. In addition, this drug can be used to do enema.

Dog rose tea for diarrhea

When dealing with this disorder will help dog rose tea, cooked according to this recipe:
- 2-3 crushed spine hips;
- 1 liter of water.
Root zaparivayut boiling water, then put the mixture on small fire for 5-7 minutes (the drink should purchase a beautiful brownish tint) and filtered. Cooled to room temperature, the tea should be drink for 3-4 reception, the interval between which should be 1.5-2 hours.

Effective herbal tea for diarrhea

To normalize the gastrointestinal tract will help the drug, which includes the following components:
- 3 tbsp. l. leaves mother and stepmother;
- 2 tbsp of leaves of eucalyptus;
- 1 tbsp of leaf plates of the sage;
- 1 tsp of fruits of the black elderberry;
- 0.5 liters of dry white wine.
Herbal mixture pour wine and put the container with the mixture on fire. When a drug comes to a boil, reduce fire to low and continue to cook with the lid closed for another 17-20 minutes. Then the broth is filtered and cooled. Take the drug half Cup four times a day after meals. The full treatment course lasts a week.