Try to make all elements of the interior do not hide sunlight. Do not use wall cabinets to large sizes, because they are very bulky and reduce the space. It is best to use boxes with integrated fittings, because they look very elegant and can save the kitchen space.
There are several options the layout of the space in the kitchen. For example, you can arrange all the important elements (plate, furniture, refrigerator, etc.) in one line. With all this working half of the kitchen should not occupy more than half of the entire room. It is best for a small kitchen – corner configuration. Not only the layout of the letter "P" because it is suitable only for large rooms.
Don't forget about the Holy principle of uniformity. Try to keep the facade of kitchen furniture were identical in appearance, with simple shapes and elegant minimalism. Kitchen – is, first and foremost, practical functionality and convenience with beauty. Check with the manufacturers standards kitchen sets. In most cases, the correct "fit" of the furniture can help to save a lot of space.
For small kitchens you can use the transformed comfortable furniture with great functionality. Also this furniture is called modular. Thanks to modular furniture has the opportunity to optimally fit the elements to the constructor.
In a small kitchen should focus on the game color, so for a small room more suited bright colors or white. These colors give more light and the airiness thereby removing the awkwardness of the whole space.
If you have a design decision, it is possible for a small kitchen use small mirrors to achieve visually expand the space. The same effect can be achieved using transparent or glossy facade. The main thing here is to wipe them as often as possible.
The style of kitchen design you need to choose from modern styles. Classic with a small kitchen will look not very good. For example, it will be a fashionable urban design in high-tech style with big glasses, plastics, concrete structures and metal.
Save kitchen space. Use a variety of built-in niches and drawers in the kitchen headsets. Avoid large abundance of flourishes and other decorative elements, because it will only overload the interior. Do not store in a small kitchen a lot of dishes or other things that are needed only once a year. Get rid of all unnecessary things.
Seriously think about the chairs or tables. No need to put too big a dining table, because then the kitchen will have nowhere to turn. Kitchen is place for cooking and dining. A great option is to use a special folding table. Also, as the table can be used, for example, the window sill.
Plan a place for cookbooks or cups for coffee. Provide for these things the rack or shelf. This will give the kitchen not only gloss and individuality, but also frees the working space in the kitchen.