Really, what if the kitchen in the apartment or just a tiny house, because it is necessary to place a bunch of necessary things, and the place of the hostess, a meal the whole family should be. Here are some simple ideas that will help to save space and efficiently accommodate all the necessary and even unnecessary.

1. Remember the simple rules of color

For the decoration of a small kitchen should not use bright and dark color Wallpaper with large pattern. Light color will expand the visual space of the kitchen, fill it with air and light.

2. Use the space with maximum efficiency

For example, wall lockers, choose the highest possible to do not lost place over them. If there is a space between the ventilation duct and the wall (sometimes the box is installed in the corner, but not too close to both walls), use it, fit narrow Cabinet. Use corner cabinets since they are more capacity.

Also be sure to consider using the window sill. Making the sill is wider, it can be used as additional working surface of the table. Sliding the battery side, under the sill, you can equip an additional Cabinet for the storage of utensils and supplies. You can also find other the idea of using the window sill.

3. Small kitchen - small furniture

Save space, when ordering the kitchen furniture. You may have to alter offer headsets or order it on the individual sizes, but it's worth it - even slightly reducing the depth of the lower cabinets, you can visually expand the kitchen quite considerably.

The question of economy of space should affect everything - kitchen appliances, and even the curtains. By the way, the curtains for the kitchen choose the most minimalistic. Surround shower curtain on the kitchen window seem very massive "eat" all the space, so better stop look for blinds or roll curtains.

Another opportunity for space savings - the use of collapsible furniture. Folding table-transformer and folding chairs are easy to clean and to prepare meals comfortably, and after the guests arrive they are easy to correct.

4. Redevelopment

Of course, the most obvious way to make the kitchen more to unite it with the neighboring room. You'll see a large space that can serve as a comfortable dining room and spacious living room. However, this method requires the consent of BTI, and the repairs required are significant.