Measure your available space and determine how much space and what items you are willing to pay. In your area you need first and foremost to accommodate a sink, a stove, a cutting space, drawers to store utensils and other things and a fridge. Everything else can be called secondary.
Save space with the hanging boxes. Try to place them as much as possible: hang a triangular or rounded hanging locker in the place where the junction of the walls. This will allow greater benefit to use the available space.
Do not buy cabinets with drawers, it is irrational spent place. Much more things go into a simple shelving option. As for shelves, it is also a great example of how to properly dispose of a small kitchen space.
How to arrange <b>furniture</b> <em>small</em> <strong>kitchen</strong>
Buy a refrigerator of an elongated sample - it will be easier to put tall utensils, such as pots and milk cartons and juice. In this tall fridge will take up less space in your kitchen.
Cutting countertop is best to book or make themselves - this will make it convenient for the hostess and maybe play in favor of space. Directly it is possible to cut out a spot under the sink, and the bottom to leave space under the dumpster.
Pick up a folding table for your kitchen. Even in daily time, it will be small for a few people. But if you want to sit for him the whole family or to invite guests a few simple movements he will turn into a full full-size table.
Do not buy a big chandelier in the kitchen, better to buy several small individual lights that will visually expand the room.