You will need
  • - miniature furniture.
Make the most countertop. Cooking requires free space. The area of the table should be as possible. In addition, provide convenient use of the sink. Water for washing vegetables, dishes, pots and other kitchen utensils should be within easy reach from the working surface. If you plan to install the dishwasher, then place it near the sewer drain. The kitchen space should not be clutter. Leave free passage to the work area and try to arrange on the same line as the sink, stove, work Desk and refrigerator.
Plan the location of furniture in the kitchen with a corner layout or layout in one line. Think over the place of the working area. Position one wall floor cabinets, sink and stove, and another small dining area. Choose space-saving furniture. If you have a narrow rectangular kitchen, with a window on one side and a door on the opposite side, the width of the floor cabinets should not be more than 60 cm you Can replace them with small tables separating the stove and sink. Instead of the usual dining table set stand or folding table. Hang cabinets so that they could get the necessary thing, but at the same time, so they do not interfere. The best option are the wall cabinets with folding or flip-up doors. The space between the floor and the furniture bottom do not cover trim strip – let the legs will be visible. Fill the void a beautiful flat baskets for vegetables or small items.
Make angular layout of your kitchen. There can be several options, one of which is the location of the working surface near the window, and everything else along the wall. If you have a large wall near the window, put the refrigerator. Low model you can hide under the sink, but then the freezer will again have to look for a place. Better to set a high volumetric fridge with freezer compartment behind a door on the opposite wall. And in the free space at the window – corner base Cabinet where you can hide from the eyes of the appliances infrequent use.